What is totadron.co?

It’s a site with the commitment to be one day the biggest community: forum, social, news, watch videos tutorials and any info related to drones and mini drones.


Who can be member of the community?
Anyone that want to ask questions about drones (d) and mini drones (md) as an amateur, as a professional too. Anyone that want to share their experience or videos and photos taken by their civil, industrial and agricultural drones. Please read our: TOS
About Forums?

Each brand like DJI, 3DR etc is a forum, so if you have a Parrot drone or mini-drone you can engage in our Parrot forum or any other forum that you want to discuss, if your brand is not there, please just ask us and we will add it for you.

You can embed media that were taken by your drone like Photos, Gifs, Videos & Videos Loop for the forum discussing too or if you just wish to click the like button.

Q&A: Here you can ask Drones & mini drones questions about how to and Troubleshooting.

Here our Forum

Video Embed?

You can embed Drones’s videos & videos loop anywhere on our embed media forum to engage. Watch content from more than 30 providers. Video providers include Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Rutube, Vevo, Vesti, Metacafe, Liveleak, Funnyordie, Dotsub, Scribd, Citytv, Snotr, Wat, Novamov, Youku, Putlocker, Veoh, Zappinternet, Dalealplay, Zkouknito, Allocine, Break, Vzaar, 4shared, Movshare, Shiatv, etc… Embed Videos here.

Image Embed?
A picture is worth a thousand words, so show them. You can embed Drones’s Photos & Gifs on our media forum for discussion; Image providers include Flickr, Instagram, GettyImages, Mobypicture, ymlyFrog, etc… Embed Photos here.
What is our slogan?
Be respectful and polite.
How many languages is supported in the community?
At the moment English and Spanish only.
It's free to Join?
Yes, indeed. Join our Community

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