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The Cars Of The Future Are Drones

by | May 8, 2017 | 0 comments


Toby and Arthur: two researchers from the University of Westminster explored which our current technology can tell us about how we will move around in the next decades. They both predict that as we move forward into the half century, transport will be liberated from the ground into the air, all this due to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), lighter materials and progress in mapping navigation. In the near future we will be capable of going in the sky by ourselves, so each person will have the facility to move by air to another place, which will open plenty of perspective like cities in the sky; in fact, in my opinion, the car of the future is starting now (self-flying people carrying drones such as the Ehang 184.

According to the manufacturing company the flight experience will blow you away.

The drone will have encrypted communication, a comfortable cabin environment; stable flight experience, excellent dynamic balance, and wind resistance assure a smooth and steady flight even with the strong windy condition. Also, the estimated flight duration is 23 minutes, it can fly up to 500 meters high, the energy is an electric battery that can be fully charged in around 3hrs, the total energy consumption is 14.4 kwh, with a speed up to 100km per hour, the maximum load allows is 100 kg. Unfortunately, the drone can carry only one person, so if you go out with your partner make sure you have two drones, fortunately, you do not need fly pilot skill, with mapping navigation you need only set up your destination and it will take you there. If the machine fails it will land immediately in the nearest place, so nothing to worry.

BTW: some experts predict that in 50 years time, will be common see all those drones flying everywhere. In fact, in February 2017 this Ehang 184 drone has really flown over the skies of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and according to the RTA ( Roads and Transport Authority) from July 2017 this craft will fly as a drone taxi in Dubai.

I believe with the advance in (AI) Artificial intelligence and mapping navigation will be safer our journey, in fact, we could go out to enjoy a party at night without worry to crash on the way back to home, once we are in, we should get a soft sleep and wake up in our destination.

What do you think: self-flying people carrying drones such as the Ehang 184 will be the cars of the future?

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