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DJI Spark

Spark small colourful smart a powerful flying camera that you can take anywhere, it’s so clever that it activates by recognising you just launch it from the palm of your hand.

Spark even returns when you call it and land in your hand easily if you can’t get everyone in the shot, with spark there is no problem due that it hovers precisely in place always at your command you can control it with your hand, remote controller, mobile device or DJI goggles using GPS spark knows where it is even if you don’t it will even sense obstacles to avoid things in front of it and come home safely.


Think you got smooth moves Sparks footage is smoother it takes the shake out of your shot so you look like a professional if you are not feeling the control sticks perform preset flight manoeuvres with single click and get those epic shots if you are away from the crowd spark automatically adds shallow depth of field to your photos, if you don’t know how to fly just tap fly.
Spark keeps you in the frame so all you need to do is act naturally, also you can edit your epic videos and share them instantly.

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